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Fifth Element Replica Stones

The Fifth Element movie celebrates its 20th year anniversary and here is the chance for you to grab your unique set.
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Modeled after the props as seen in the film, The Fifth Element (1997)

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60 exclusive limited sets only, get in line now!

Limited Special Edition Lifesize Replica Stones gift set with silver aluminium certificate for just 60 clients worldwide.

60 Limited Set

Limited to 60 set worldwide. Full size 1:1 solid high quality detailed replica stones.

Handmade Product

Each set is unique and handmade. All set is completely NEW! The size, pattern, dirt, dust, cracks are partically identical as can be seen in the film scene.

Just like in the movie

Control the power of elements! As in the final scene before where they are activated in the temple. They are nice and beefy.


Fifth Element Stones

Content of the Set:

- Four unique Element Stones
- Four beech wood base
- One “20th year Anniversary Limited Edition” incl. the unique serial Number etched on the silver aluminum certificate card

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The power of the combined elements awaits for you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Time for Q&A!
The set price does not include the shipping. The shipping price depends on your location. After ordering a set, on the day when your package was given to the carrier, the tracking number of your order will be also sent to you. Delivery time usually takes 4-7 business days with EMS express mail. The box is lined with a PVC frame to prevent damage.
All Element Stones placed on a special (CNC) surface manufactured removable 0,6" (1.6cm) thick and 5,8" (14.8cm) wide dark-red beech wood base (each stone fits nicely in the etched wood surface). The Element Stones are four sided. Two sides are the same, the back wider and the front is smaller this gives the look of a Triangle like stone weight just over 2,2-2,4lbs (1.0-1.1kgs) each. The stones themselves measure 9 1/4" Tall (23.3cm) and 9 3/4" (24.7cm) tall with wood base. Silver aluminum certificate card size is 0,35" x 0,20" x 0,005" (89 x 51 x 1,5mm) (standard business card size) .
These full size 1:1 solid high quality detailed replica stones are made out of rigid sulfate mineral (gypsum) material with the addition of an acrylic water resistant paint (gesso). The Size, pattern, dirt, dust, cracks are practically identical as can be seen in the film scene. They are Ivory in color and are then aged with a darker Brown color (sandstone effect).
The numbers of the sets are coming in line regarding the orders. The first buyer got the 1st set (Nr. 1) and it continues until the 60th set.
You can pay via PayPal or Bank transfer. You can choose the option that you prefer!

*If you have any other question we are here to help! If you haven't find an answer for your question, just contact us and we will answer your question as soon as possible! You can reach us by writing an email to: info@dfactorycollectibles.com

Satisfied Stone Owners

Receive a good feedback is always nice, but the best part is to know that someone also love the film and we share common feelings without knowing each other in person.

"When the elements have arrived I couldn't be happier! Very impressed by the workmanship and the speedy delivery! And now I'm sitting down with a cold beer and have just stuck the film on again!"


"I've always wanted a set of these, and I'm thrilled they look so amazing and they're HEAVY which is even better!"

Michael B. G.

"I've received the stones on friday and I'm really amazed (including the very professional packing. Thanks a lot for those, I had the perfect placement on the speakers and shelves of the HC room, they really embellish the place."